There are various birth control measures available in India but <a href="">condoms</a> remain the top choice for more than half of the population. The reason for its extensive use is never the ignorance against other contraceptive methods. Condoms have a huge advantage related to success rate, safety from STDs and availability.

All in all condoms have a broad reach which makes it available to the public like grocery items. You can <herf=""buy condoms</a> from a medical store or from your nearest general store. Condom shops are everywhere. But still buying condoms is no easy task. Majority of men feel embarrassed buying condoms from retail shop. Due to this factor alone, people travel long distances so that nobody from their neighborhood can see them purchasing condoms. But there is a solution.

Now you can buy condoms online in India without having to face glaring eyes. At Sexcare you can buy quality male condoms at prices equal or lower than the market. Not only do you have the luxury to explore the available brands of condoms with comfort, you can also experiment with different flavors and textures till you find the one that compliments your palate.

To order condoms online all you need to do is add the product into the cart and enter your delivery address. You can select from the available payment options or choose to pay in cash at the time of delivery (COD). We parcel your product into a discreet packaging so you do not have to worry about your privacy.

Varieties of Condoms

At Sexcare you will find condoms of different flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Mango, Orange, and Banana belonging to some of the most notable brands. You can buy Kamasutra Condoms, Durex Condoms, Manforce Condoms, Skore Condoms and Moods Condoms at our online shop. As soon as you open the condom packaging the room fills up with the aroma of flavored condom. Your sex partner can also taste the flavor.

To increase the sensation of the sex inside the vagina, there exist the textured condoms wiz Dotted Condoms and Ribbed Condoms. They make the sexual intercourse much more fun. Aside from flavored and textured condoms, you can also buy premium condoms like climax delay condom or ultra-thin condom from the above mentioned brands.

The climax delay condoms help you last longer. Their insides contain a chemical which reduces the sensations on your penis and maintains the erection for a longer period. Get ready to surprise yourself and your partner with your performance with the long-last condoms. If you do not like the feel of a third layer between you and your partner, do not discard the condoms. The ultra-thin condoms offer the sensation that you feel without the condom. The layer is so thin that you won’t even feel that it is there. They provide a skin to skin experience.

Advantages of Condoms

They are cheap: Condoms are cheaper than most of the contraceptive methods. A general pack of three flavored or non-flavored condoms is available near Rs. 25 only.

They come in all sizes and varieties: Condoms come in all sizes- small, medium and large. No matter how big or small your penis is; you will always find your fit. You can check for the condom measurement at the box. Select the size that fits you best. Check out the tab below to see the different types of condoms online available in our store.

They are handy: Male condoms are convenient to carry with you. You can put it in your pocket or carry a single piece in your wallet.

They are available everywhere: As already discussed, you can find condom shops at every corner and street. You are never too far from buying condoms for safe sex. Plus, now you can buy condoms online too.

They are effective: It is unlikely that you will impregnate your partner if you are using condom. The success rate of condoms is more than 98%. Look for the expiry date on the product and make sure you store it in the right circumstances as indicating over the packing. But slippage and brokerage can lead to failure. Now do not panic as the best condoms do not tear until you are doing it wrong.

They prevent STDs (sexual transmitted disease): Best condoms not only provide effective birth control measure but also save you from STDs. No matter where you poke your penis or in whom, always wrap it up before the drive. This advantage is not available with most of the other contraceptive methods like regular birth control pills, emergency contraceptive pills, Copper- T or Fertility Awareness Method.

What is a Female Condom?

A very small section of the Indian population knows about the existence of the female condom. It is as effective in birth control as its male counterpart. The main difference between the two condoms is that you have to insert it inside the vagina rather than wearing it on the penis.

Putting the female condom for the first time can be tricky so be very cautious.

·       First of all check the expiry date of the product.

·       If it is okay then apply lubricant on its outer surface.

·       Get into a comfortable position or find the position in which you can insert it inside.

·       Squeeze the outer ring and insert it inside.

·       Put your fingers inside and push it up to the cervix.

·       When it reaches the cervix, it will expand on its own and you would not feel like the condom is inside you.

·       If it itches or does anything alike, pull it out and re insert it.

·       After successful insertion, about 1 inch of the female condom should be hanging outside the vagina.

·       If it is not so, make sure you insert it the right way.

·       After successful insertion you can enjoy your time.



Buy condoms online in India at Sexcare with full protection of privacy. We deliver flavored condoms and dotted condoms from Kamasutra, Manforce, Moods, Durex and Skore brands right to your home.


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