Sex toys – It’s such a taboo in Indian culture and I could never understand why. What is it that’s holding us back and keeping ourselves from all the pleasure and care that we deserve? No matter what people think – we should bear this in mind that we deserve everything we wish and we owe it to ourselves.

Sex, like every other necessity in this world, is no different. We need to be sexually satisfied much as we need to be emotionally and physically satisfied. So never be afraid of embracing your sexuality freely without wondering what other people will think about you. Nor should you worry about the people’s opinion about using sex toys. THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS.

How sex toys can refine your sexual life?

Sex toys have been scientifically proven to provide certain sexual and mental benefits. You can use them individually for the self-pleasure as well as along with the partner for more intense and long-lasting orgasms. Men can use these toys to help their women reach climax faster and giving her more satisfying and gratifying orgasmic experience. These are simply meant to make your sex life better and more satiating.

At the time of orgasm, your body releases certain chemicals that are helpful in releasing stress and inducing sleep. And this fact adds to the health benefits of the sex toys.

Sex Toys Are Good For Your Self-Confidence

In men, sex toys play a great role in boosting their self-confidence especially on the bed. They give men a sense of relief that they have been able to satisfy their woman which, we think, may bring a positivity and optimism in one’s sex life. This positivity also reflects in their relationship apart from their sexual life.

Furthermore, the sex toys gives men a sense of security too that their women will never turn to other men for seeking the sexual satisfaction.

Considering all these things, the use of sec toys has become very common in youth of India and it’s not a taboo anymore.

3 Reasons You Should Not Be Ashamed of Using Sex Toys

It’s tragic that people feel ashamed and embarrassed for their sexuality instead of embracing it. Use of sex toys must have been a mystique for years but those times are long gone. We are living in the modern era where everyone is proud of their sexuality and you must be proud too.

Here are five reasons why you should not think the use of sex toys as an embarrassment:

Everyone else is into it

What do you think how many people you know who use sex toys? None? Well, think twice. If you were using sex toys, would you go around and tell everyone? No, right? That’s the thing, you see. You might have many friends and co-workers who might be using sex toys. They are simply not telling you about it and you should start doing the same.

They are the powerhouse of satisfaction

It is complete understood that your partner is not always be sexually satisfactory. There are going to be the time when you would have to stop before the climax. But what’s the point of compromising when sex toys are there and there is nothing wrong about using them? Sex toys can make you reach climax every time you do it and you can have them more perfectly.

They are for you

If it’s about the insecurities then these are not your insecurities. It’s the society that’s insecure, not you. Don’t let people become the reason for your discomfort and anxiety. Sex toys are for you, your gratification, your satisfaction, and your sexual life. There is no shame in using them and including them in your love life too. They are the source of positivity and excitement between you and your partner.

You can tech people about them

It’s not only you who need to know that there is nothing wrong with the sex toys. There are many other people like you who need enlightenment. It’s not a bizarre; it’s just how you feel. At least it’s better than being sexually unfulfilled and degrading.

It excites your love life

Never let your love life become boring. How many sex positions would you try and how many new things you could do if you are meant to life your life together forever! At least, sex toys create some room for excitement and uninvited adventure in your relationship and help you have more fulfilling sexual life.

I don’t think you need more reason to break these stereotypes and adapt to the changing culture and trends. Some things do not belong in our society anymore such as old thoughts and negative side of society. We must side-line these things and give a fresh start to more fulfilling and gratifying life. No matter what is it about, choose what chooses you and your happiness!