We all have our preferred sex positions, don’t we? Some of us like the good ol’ vanilla positions while others go for kinkier versions. And we’ve always had tons of sex positions to choose from - beginning from the historical Kamasutra to all the *ahem* websites on the internet today, the information we have is abundant.

Have you decided which is your favorite position yet? No? Let this survey help you out!

DrEd, an online health site, took it upon themselves to find out what the favorite position of people across the United States, Europe and UK is. Surveying over 2,000 people, they have come up with the answer that we’ve all been waiting for all our lives...well, ever since we found out there could be a favorite sex position, at least!

So, ladies, the most favorite sex position according to both men and women is *drum roll* - doggy style!

If you like to watch these position please check on our source link.