The fact that horses are the most difficult companion animals would be simply an understatement. A lot of care and efforts go into the proper maintenance of a horse. And equestrian riding surfaces are amongst the most necessary elements of this maintenance process. The entire performance and fitness of the horse depends upon these surfaces. No matter whether the horse is a race horse, a companion, used for leisurely rides or for carrying things around; an equestrian surface ensures that the horse gets a proper ground for movement and does not get injured.

Equestrian surfaces might are complex surfaces and certainly not cheap, hence there are a lot of things which needs to be considered while choosing the equestrian surfaces. Different surfaces might benefit the horses in different ways.

The things like durability, life span and cost determine the choice of these surfaces. The below mentioned surfaces can help the owners to make better and more informed decisions while choosing the best equine products UK-

  • Rubber: Rubber is one of the best equestrian surfaces. They are quite long lasting when compared with wood and are quite sturdy and require very less maintenance. The problem of water logging doesn’t occur with them and they do not freeze during colds and are dust free. They are comfortable for the rider as well and an intelligent alternative to recycling vehicle tires.

  • Wood chippings: These are the least costly surfaces amongst all the equestrian surfaces. Amongst all the other surfaces, these are the least durable and have the lowest life span.

  • Wax Coated surface: Made with mixtures of synthetic fibers and sand, wax coated surfaces require quite less maintenance and provide the apt absorption and bounce.

  • Sand: An all weather surface perfect for rugged use, this can be used with multiple mixtures.

Equestrian surfaces directly affect the bone density, bone thickness, skeleton, strength, stamina, hoof tissues and muscle fatigue of the horse. And Equipro is a company that can ensure the good health of the horse. By using environmentally friendly materials, their products of Equicrumb, Equifibre and Equichip the horse and their owners would get a comfortable and natural riding experience. They also provide arena manufacturing services like fencing, lunges, and paddocks and manage constructions for their customers' equestrian needs.

About Equipro:

Equipro is a company which provides top quality eco-friendly equestrian products and arena construction services to their customers.

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