Michael Jackson spent 30 years trying to achieve his idea of perfection. He started off with a simple nose job; modest enough but later after upto 100 procedures, he grew desperate to change over everything in him. And after all the procedures in order to get rid of the damage done by the operations he took another set of cosmetic surgery.

Michael Jackson, the legend who is known for his infamous examples of hands on cosmetic surgeries, spending half his lifetime to achieve his idea of perfection. We all know and have seen him all transformed all these years. Although, he denied it in the last days of his life that he has never been through any surgeries whatsoever. We know he has, from his nose to his skin color.

See how Michael Jackson transformed over the years by cosmetic surgery through these pictures that we have collected for you.


1. Michael Jackson went for cheek implantations, lip augmentation and what not. 

But the most popular one was the nose surgery.


2. But why did he went through all of the surgeries?

He went through all of the surgeries because he suffered from child abuse when he was a kid. Being good looking and famous for him being a star was a fight for his name and identity.


3. Here is a picture from a documentary that shows how he would have looked like without his surgery.


4. The documentary shows a series of pictures.

La Toya, Michael Jackson’s sister says that he wanted to get a nose job done. When he did it, he kept asking her what she thinks. Then later he told Toya to have one and be a guinea pig for him so that he sees if it hurts.
When he saw his sister’s results he went under the knife and in 1979 he had it done.

Michael Jackson transformed by cosmetic surgery


6. This is what he would have looked like if he went through none of his transformations.

When you look at his pictures now you will see how much his face has transformed. It was all because of the surgeries and implants, no matter how many times he’s denied it.


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