Well, you all know that girls are just as crazy as guys are about sex. But, the difference is, guys can be turned on easily and they get orgasm quite easily. But, trust me; it’s really hard to make the girls sexually satisfied. They are really hard to turn on. But, on the positive side, if you know some simple tips to turn a girl on then it will be a win-win. So how do we do it?

Here are some dope tips to turn a girl on in bed:

1. Play Smart and Start flattering her

There is no single girl on earth that would not like a compliment.  Make her feel beautiful. Tell her how attractive and seductive she is. Make sure you keep it real. Don’t get carried away. Take some time and notice her. Tell her everything that is good about her. That would really make her feel special and she would start having butterflies. Hell yeah, this is how you get started.

2. Start Touching Her

Introduce some gentle touching. Press your hand across her waist. Not only she will begin to notice, this will also make her excited and she will be turned on. Let her know that you really want something tonight. Touching makes her feel good. And who knows she might be as excited as you are to get an orgasm.

3. Watch Porn Together

You can turn her on by watching a porn and romantic movie with her. We all know what happens when you watch such a movie with someone you find attractive. Watching other people having sex, kissing passionately and touching each other can make a girl get turned on.

4. Take a Shower with her

You can always take a shower with her. The sight of you naked and showing your masculine physic will turn her on. She will keep looking at you and at the back of her mind; she will really want to have a feel of your flesh.

5. Kissing is the key to success

By kissing her you will ignite some fire on her lower abdomen. Kissing is the most incredible art that will always turn her on. You can kiss her gently on the neck, lips, and arms and behind the ears.

6. Cook for her and dress like a gentleman

Cooking her favorite meal together and having a candle lit dinner will turn her on. This will make her want more from you. As a man, you should dress in clothes that will make your girl complement you. Put on clothes that display your masculine features. Make yourself look sexy for her. Remember to wear some sexy and masculine enticing cologne.

7. Oral Sex is dope as fuck

Giving your girl oral sex before having sex with her is a great turn on. Caressing her highly erogenous zones such as breasts, buttocks, and thighs will completely get her in the mood. Spending quality time to explore her body is always a great turn on. Fingering and using sex toys on her will be a mind blowing experience which will make her wet and want you.

8. Don’t forget Masturbation

Masturbation is another way to get her turned on. Masturbating in full view of your girl will turn her on. She will imagine you are already inside her. Having a clean room with clean aroma always sets the perfect mood for romance. And then it is the time to masturbate.

You can also turn your girl on by going to the gym together. A woman loves a wet sweaty man. She will instantly be turned on when she sees your body dripping and shining with sweat. A sporty man is usually termed as sexy by many women. The next time you are heading to the gym go with her. It will be to your advantage later on after the exercise.

9. Play Bedroom Games with her

 Having bedroom games is a turn on to a girl. Love games in the bed such as blindfolding and tying her on the bed will make you be in control to touch her as much as you want. Women love men being in control. Playing poker with your girl and punishing the person who loses by making them remove their clothes is surely a great turn on.

10. Buy her gifts and do extraordinary things

Buying for her gifts such as sexy lingerie, sex toys, romantic and porn movies will turn her on. Doing extraordinary things for her such as a serving her breakfast in bed, strip dancing and bathing her will definite turn her on. Giving her some erotic massage will turn her on.

These simple tips could actually turn a girl on quite easily. Good luck. Have a good time in bed.