I have noticed a growing trend that is highly alarming - children being allowed to watch Adult Movies. I am not just talking only about parents at home allowing their kids to watch movies with adult content. Even at theaters, this seems to be the norm. When parents clearly know that the film is only for adults, why do they take their children along? The theater doorkeepers blithely allow kids inside too, which is shocking. Even films that are marked as U/A is not meant for young kids at all. Surely you can avoid seeing that film? Surely you can wait for the film to be released in DVD format and watch it late at night in the privacy of your own room with no kids around?

Why is there this shocking uncaring attitude of parents? Once I asked a lady why she had allowed her ten-year-old kid to watch the film Dostana. Her reply, "Oh, what is wrong? Anyway, the kid does not really understand anything!" I was appalled by this narrow-mindedness. Of course, the kid may not understand the concept of the film, but his mind will be filled with stupid ideas, he will discuss it with friends of his age-group, they will exchange wrong notions of the film's concept and goodness knows what will happen next...

When will adults stop behaving as though their children are grown-ups and treat them for what they are - just kids?