Travelling by a bus may seem like a boring, slow and unsafe means of travel. But, Bolivia is one such place where bus travel is the safest as well as the most fun filled means of travel. Towns are located in close vicinity to one another and bus travel allows you to completely explore the cultural transitions in the country. Taking a bus Uyuni la paz can ensure that you overview a vast number of towns and villages over the course of travel whilst also enjoy the breathtaking views of the salt flats of Uyuni.

Uyuni is a small town in Bolivia, known for its salt brick homes. The town is known to have the largest salt flats which offer a breathtaking view for tourists. Buses travel across the salt flats which make it all-the-more interesting and fun filled for the tourists. Hotels in the region are also made of salt bricks along with the furniture in it. Bus travel ensures that tourists can enjoy the long ride while taking stoppages across the salt flats for pictures and at other popular tourist points while on the way. Bolivia travel guide suggests that the small town of Uyuni hosts over sixty thousand visitors from around the globe which is more than 6 times its population.

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