Back in the days of Industrial Revolution, when the industries started to bloom, no one could think that what one sees can be brought into a physical or a tangible format. After the invention of computers the first ever computer printer was invented by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. Printers in those days were usually for electric typewriters. The technology then got evolved and continuously got improved. The earlier generations of commercial printers were Line printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet Printers and Laser-jet Printers. The latest technology in printing is 3-D Printing. The print market itself is grown immensely. The size of the global print market is over $ 750 billion with USA, Japan and China having the top majority shares.

Among industrial printing equipment the most commonly used printers are decal printer which are UV printers. The printing on paper through ink which gets evaporated is the conventional printing method which on evaporation used to release volatile compounds. UV Printing is the better and a more sustainable method which proves to be more efficient and profitable in industrial printing. In this method the UV ink dries through a photomechanical process where the ink gets exposed to Ultra Violet rays which dry the liquid ink to a solid paint, hence releasing much lesser compounds.

Moreover conventional printers were time consuming whereas UV Printers are time saving and quick. All the successful companies have switched to UV printing as it helps their company to rate higher as a Green company. It is advisable for industrial companies which wants to be more profitable and wants to grow to buy UV printer and install them in their printing assignments.

Various other options of printers and technologies in digital printing are available such as Solvent Printers, Thermal Printers, etc. Solvent printers also prove to be good option as they are cost saving printers which come in different formats as Eco and Mild. Printers are of a greater importance for companies in the textile industry. Their digital belt textile printer is the best option for high quality printing on a textile.

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