Samajwaadi Party leader Mohammad Ikbal has given a very brutal and shameless remark. The leader from Uttar Pradesh doesn’t find any shame in saying that father can have sex/rape with the daughter. Mohammad Ikbal said, “Baap aur beti me to balaatkaar chaltaa he rehta hai.”

But that news didn’t irk anybody. No one is commenting anything against him. We find this statement very irresponsible in two ways:

  1. The statement says it is okay for a father to have sex with his daughter.
  2. The statement says RAPE is okay. When he is okay with the rape of the daughter then the must be okay with the rape of other ladies. He simply doesn’t have any problem with the crime RAPE.

Iran has passed a law that a father can marry with his 13 year old adopted daughter. So, UP is going Iran’s way or going even deeper?

They have approved sex with the daughter but our ministers/leaders from Samajwaadi Party are advocating rape of daughter by father.

How deep will we dig ourselves while living?