Yeap, that’s the headline and you read it as it is! Recently the hailed hero from Hong Kong was a 34 year old woman who was from the Sham Shui Po District. The incident had taken place when she had taken a short cut back to her place after leaving her shift at work.

The rapist was apparently a man from mainland China, he was waiting for a victim who he could prey upon but sadly, he had chosen the wrong victim that day. As he attacked the woman by trying to tear off her clothing, she took out a knife from her bag and swiped it on him.


The knife had slashed through the man’s shorts and had also additionally sliced off his genitals. When questioned as to why she had a knife, she replied, “I always carry it for protection.” while urging all woman to do the same by fending themselves off rapists and predators.

“Working quickly, I slashed through the man’s shorts and sliced off his genitals. I wanted him to really pay for his crimes, because I’m sure he’s raped women before and gotten away with it. So I said to him, I won’t let you go until you eat it up.” after feeling that the men should face true punishments for what he had done.


Putting a knife against his throat, she ordered him to eat his own gentiles and if not he would have to face worse consequences!

“He really had no choice, I wasn’t bluffing when I said I’d severe his jugular vein if he refused to eat it.” said that woman adding that, “After he finished chewing, he actually threw up most of it, but I decided he’d suffered enough and let him go.”


Information upon the man’s whereabouts is unclear but according to a local hospital, a man had reportedly came in with similar description upon his injuries. The man has since been discharge and is also believed to have returned to mainland China.

“The lesson for women in Hong Kong is simple: always be ready to protect yourself from potential rapists, and don’t be afraid to serve them a taste of their own medicine.”