Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei is critical of the European response to the refugee crisis. On February 13th, he unveiled a striking installation at Berlin’s Konzerthaus, where he had wrapped the building’s columns in 14,000 discarded refugee life jackets that had been discarded on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Staged in coordination with the Cinema For Peace gala on February 15th, according to Weiwei, every lifejacket symbolizes an individual life for whom then landing at Lesbos is just the beginning. Be sure to check of Weiwei’s Instagram to see some of the photos that he’s taken of asylum seekers on their journey of hope.

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Thousands have risked their lives to find a better life in Europe


Image credits: mompl

But Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is critical of the European response to the refugee crisis


Image credits: mompl

On February 13th, he unveiled this striking installation at Berlin’s Konzerthaus


Image credits: mompl

14,000 lifejackets, discarded by refugees who landed at Lesbos


Image credits: Konzerthaus Berlin

The project took about a month to complete


Image credits: Jorg Carstensen


Image credits: Konzerthaus Berlin


Image credits: Konzerthaus Berlin

Weiwei’s Instagram documents what many of the refugees face


Image credits: Ai Weiwei