Tattoos to me are very attractive and the more, the better. Add a beard onto that and we have an entire package. Women too, being covered in tattoos looks beautiful. Here are beautiful people dawned in tattoos just because, tattoos- yes please. Disclaimer: Everyone is beautiful in their own way and beauty is subjective, these were just my opinions on some gorgeously tatted peeps.

1. Catrin Birkby.

2. Luke Ditella.

3. Sam Reece.

4. Sabrina Kongsted.

5. Josh Mario John.

6. Kayla Cadorna.

7. Chris Perceval.

8. Megan Massacre.

9. Laura Polson.

10. Chris John Millington.

11. Carlos Costa.

12. Alysha Nett.

13. Ricki Hall.

14. Gogo Blackwater.

15. Bill Huxley.

16. Kandy Maiolo.

17. Kieran Rose.

18. Ohnoradeo.

19. Zane Pittman.

20. Jesse Lee D.