It is the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen!
In this post I have put together wedding things to distinguish your wedding from the others and make it special and unique, make it yours!

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handmade flowers

handmade Bouquet

Original invitations cards

Original invitations cards seem to be a question of the hour! Look at this unusual invitation! I, as a hooked on puzzles person, love it!

Wedding cake

Wedding cake! Wide choice of them can confuse. Here is an idea of the beautiful cake and the one more reason why I do want to have a wedding!


Garter is something small but very important! Like a ring, but not for onlookers!

paint glasses

If you are old enough you should remember times when brides with her friends paint glasses, did appliques on them, tried to make them look nice! Today it is much easier! How do you like this pair?

married couple

Another cute thing which I have found and have not seen before is the souvenir of the first marital tost that definately found a place in the house of just married couple.

wedding dress