Time to go shopping before you can't afford it anymore.

1. Go to the pharmacy and stock up on toiletries, multivitamins...

2. ...and a year's supply of sanitary pads and chocolates

3. Change your wonky smartphone, tablet, or laptop

4. Try that artisanal grocery you've always been curious about

You didn't have the heart to buy that fancy ice cream because it was too expensive. Might as well try it out now before it gets EVEN MORE expensive. For a list of GST-exempted groceries, see here.

5. Get a deep, relaxing massage and facial before money woes stress you out even more

6. Service your car. Get a wash and wax too while you're at it.

7. Dine at that fancy restaurant with your significant other

8. Girls, buy all the make up, accessories, and perfume!

9. Get a haircut

10. Update your old wardrobe

11. If you love reading, time to fill up your bookshelves with books

12. Go for medical check-up

13. Have a wild karaoke night

14. Look for all the birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversary, and Christmas presents now, now, NOW!

15. If you're a parent...

16. Settle all your overdue bills

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be imposed not only for MEPS transactions but also for online banking and over-the-counter transactions. Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM) executive director Chua Mei Lin said the fee charged by banks for online interbank Giro fund transfers, including bill payment, would be subjected to GST. “If there is a bank charge or fee, then GST will be imposed on those charges. The six per cent GST charge will not be for the transaction amount but for the bank charges,” he said.

17. Watch a movie every day until 1 April 2015