Back in 13th century a flock of goats found a bush full of berries which lured the goats to dig in and try them. The result – goats went bonkers! Their shepherd was left in shock so he decided to figure out a way of using those beries to get such frisky energy. He brewed the berries and coffee was discovered.

Goat mug designed by Desnahemisfera in collaboration with Equa was developed to remind us of this story. The mug reminiscents a goat’s horn but it is also ergonomic and makes drinking easier. Mug can be placed on a flat surface by removing the handle, turning it around and placing the mug in it. It can be even turned into a fashion accessory by using one of two straps provided so you can wear it like a cross body bag or strap it on to your bag.

The Goat mug is featured on Kickstarter and is only a step away from being mass produced since the idea is already supported by more than 3000 backers.

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