Everlasting tranquillity… Tranquillity that can be felt in each one of his photographs, regardless of where it was captured. They teach us about the reality of places far away… they have something different within them, something that is only his. He is interested in the human side, the side hidden behind these places. He seeks the story of the quiet loudness on the edge of the existential, religious, economic and geopolitical chaos. His photographs disclose an individual, who is more important than the sacred found in these places, an individual who lives within a community of people that he or she accompanies or defies. Even when we turn our gaze away from the photograph and close our eyes, we can still hear the story of this individual … Urbanistan brings us a sophisticated photo essay of the primary human nature and human values, which explores the urban environment of the developing world through photography. It explores the points where people and communities develop and intertwine in urban humanity.

Meta Krese

Lalibela, Ethiopia: Two young worshippers are reading the Old Testament during the old Christian (orthodox) celebration of Timkat. © Matjaz Krivic.

Hatgal, Mongolia: Soviet truck broke down. It seemed it would never start again. However, all it took was a few strikes of a hammer and a bit of water from the experienced driver. © Matjaz Krivic.

Uraman Takht, Iran: Pilgrims in the Kurdish part of Iran celebrate the pre-Islamic religious holiday of Aroosi Pir Shahriar. The men are playing the Daf drums while the dervishes are reaching a trance like state through their dance. © Matjaz Krivic.

Varanasi, India: The early morning ritual on the shores of the sacred river of Ganges. Gift bearing to Shiva’s lingam, hoping that the young girl will become fertile. © Matjaz Krivic.

Hampi, India: During the traditional religious festival countless pilgrims sleep in the Virupaksha Temple. © Matjaz Krivic.

Thula, Yemen: Young boys playing volleyball in the quiet streets of the historic town. © Matjaz Krivic.

Varanasi, India: Young Brahmans, members of the highest Indian caste, on the shores of the sacred river of Ganges at sunrise massaging each other. Later on they will ritually bathe and clean themselves. © Matjaz Krivic.

Jaipur, India: Pupils during a mathematics lesson in primary school, where the classrooms are always open. © Matjaz Krivic.

Djenné, Mali: Thursday is the town’s ‘trade day’. Market is full of people. © Matjaz Krivic.

Lhasa, Tibet: Monks worshipping the deities during the July full moon in the monastery pray night and day with no pauses. © Matjaz Krivic.

Spiti, India: Humble, dedicated Tibetan monks in the Ki monastery during the visit of his holiness Dalai Lama, their spiritual and political leader. © Matjaz Krivic.

Darchen, Tibet: Tibetan children whose parents went on a pilgrimage around holy Mount Kailash in Western Tibet. © Matjaz Krivic.